I have taught substantive classes as well as methods-oriented classes. I have a great passion for teaching; I view my role as a teacher as a support person for my students. My primary goal as a teacher is to make students engaged and active and to help them learn skills that they will be able to use outside of the contexts of any course and even their field of study. Above all, I strive to make my students better consumers of information. No matter the subject matter, I aim to teach evidence literacy. I believe that active participation is essential to helping students learn, and I structure courses in such a way that there are plenty of ways in which to participate and be active, as I recognize that not all students learn in the same way. I believe strongly that, given all of the challenges today’s students face, being flexible and adaptive is necessary for a good instructor at any level. When I interact with students, I like to remind myself that I am not at the center of their educational experience; I view my work as being in service to them. It is possible to maintain high standards while not placing arbitrary obstacles in students’ ways and thereby throttling their potential. It is important, however, to be open with students about flexibility - silent flexibility favors those who are accustomed to asking for it. Most importantly, I strive to make all students feel included in the classroom. Too many students, particularly from marginalized backgrounds, fall through the cracks of academia because they feel isolated and othered.

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Primary Instructor

Vassar College (2022 - )

UNC-Chapel Hill (2016 - 2022)